Every TET (Vietnamese lunar new year) feels the same with
repeating looks, repeating traditions and repeating routines.
The celebration is less and less exciting.

For TET 2023, Larue (a local beer from Heineken Vietnam)
hits the market with a completely fresh look.
We decided to invite people to refresh themselves too.
Because it’s no longer “new year” without the “new”.

︎︎︎ Film
︎︎︎ Client: Larue
︎︎︎ Agency: Phiobious/Saigon 2022

↳Following the film idea, as activation,
we installed some pop-up station near
the Larue outlets (drinking place).

Collaborating with a barbershop chain,
people could get a free haircut and refresh their look for Tet.

Friday Dec 30 2022