For its 10th anniversary, True Fruits, germany’s leading
smoothie brand, wanted to create a PR worthy piece
of communication that is deeply rooted in the company's
start-up history that honors entrepreneurial bravery.

If you are brave enough, enjoy what happend.

︎︎︎ PR (teaser, film, website, packaging, product design)
︎︎︎ Client: True Fruits
︎︎︎ Agency: BBDO proximity/Düsseldorf 2017

↳Teasing phase: we released on True Fruits FB page three countdown videos to generate buzz and cath audience attention. 

               Marco Knauff’s balls, CEO - true fruits

↳The whole process started with his intimate photo.

↳We wrapped the campaign with a reward ceremony.

True Fruits honored
the best entrepreneur, company with a controversial award.

↳Cannes PR casefilm

Friday Dec 30 2022